The studio setup and workflow is based around the Reaper DAW running off an Apple Macbook Pro with Waves plugins.

Alesis 3630 Dual-Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate
Alctron MP73A preamp
Aphex 9651 Expressor x2
ART Pro MPA II Stereo tube preamp
BBE Sound Inc. Sonic Maximizer 462
DBX 900 series rack
DBX 911 Type I Noise Reduction x2
DBX 903 Compressor Limiter
DBX 907 Stereo Gated Comp Slave
DBX 905 Parametric Equalizer
DBX 904 Noise Gate x2
DIYRE CP5 preamp x3
DIYRE L2A passive re-amp box
DIYRE L2P passive line attenuator
DIYRE Colour Palette x2 with 6 interchangeble fuzz, tape emulation, fet drives etc modules
Equator D5 Studio Monitors with DSP
Furhman Bass Enhancement System Model Punch-10
Gemini PVX 80 Graphic Equalizer
KRK Rokit 5 g3 studio monitors
Lindell Audio 6X-500 pre and eq
Neptune 820b mixer with preamps and spring reverb
Presonus HP-4 headphone amplifier x2
Presonus XMAX Firestudio Project x18 preamps
Radial PowerPre 500 preamp
Radial Workhorse 500 series 8x2 channel analog summing mixer

Audio Technica AT2020
Audio Technica AT2021
Audio-Technica ATM63
Audio-Technica AT871 Uni Plate Condenser Boundary
CAD GXL2200 Gold Diaphragm Condenser Studio
Electro-Voice RE-20
MXL 993 x2
MCL 910
Samson R21
Shure Beta 58a
Shure Beta 52A
Shure SM-57 x7
Shure SM-58
Shure SM-7B
12 Gauge Stereo Black Condensor
12 Gauge Omni Red

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